A New World of Communication changed Flemington, New Jersey

" Web site opens windows to county "

(1997) The Express-Times Article

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Peter A. Buchsbaum, for the Flemington Borough Council has threatened legal action if "" does not comply to their wishes by November 20, 1998 - [historical letter from Mr. Buchsbaum, Esq.]

"Flemington Officials Force Shut Down of Good Samaritan Site"  
by New Jersey Web Guide - Volume II, Issue VIIII
December 1998 (page 3)
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Bootcamp - WCBS Interview by Fred Fishkin - November 23, 1998    

"Web site opens windows to county"

June 29, 1998 
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LETTERS to the Editor
Hunterdon County Democrat
Thursday, November 26, 1998
from the Webmaster of Flemington-net

Copies of emails received from our great supporters:

Fri, 20 Nov, 98

Subject: Don't let them shut you down
You are doing a great job with your website. Don't be intimidated by those other people. ...... Keep up the good work.

Fri, 20 Nov

I've read the article about you in the Easton Express-Times and think you have a wonderful site. You seem to care a great deal about your community and it's a shame you are giving up the fight to keep it. Apparently your community leaders are putting their political agenda ahead of what's good for the community...
Any way, good luck!

Fri, 20 Nov

As a fellow Jersey Girl, I have to take exception to the terrible decisions being made ... to force you to remove your website. Yours is one of the most interesting I've come across, and your approach leaves me with the desire to visit Flemington....a place I haven't seen in many years. Please feel free to post this where it will serve your cause.......

Fri, 20 Nov

I really hate to see this go down under illegal goverment intimidation. It is so wrong it just has really been bothering me since it came up.

Fri, 20 Nov

Please, don't take your site off the web just because the town thinks it can throw its weight at you. It is unconstitutional and competely unfair for them to demand you remove your website! There are millions of "personal pages" on the web. Why can't you just have one that is called "The UNOFFICIAL site for Flemington." This whole situation is very upsetting to me and many other professionals inside and outside the new media industry. Stand up for your rights! Tell them, hell won't go....
Good luck...

Fri, 20 Nov

Greeetings, Annick. I am shocked to hear that the Borough of Flemington has - evidently - sought to prevent you from continuing your web page. This is a clear violation of your first amendment rights. Can you confirm the info in the Hunterdon County Democrat that reports this?? Would you be willing to fax me a copy of the letter you claim to have received from the Borough's attorney? This matter has already been discussed on WDVR radio, but I'm planning on allotting the issue more time if I can only confirm a few facts.

Fri, 20 Nov

Dear Ms. Elziere, I am so sorry that you are going to stop your web site. I just wish the town wasn't so petty and understood that both sites are necessary. But like I said before, it's just another way that this town frustrates new people. Best wishes for your future and please reconsider!

Fri, 20 Nov

I wish you would not take down your wonderful web site that you have put so much work into it, I know the feeling. Fight the good fight, please reconcider. If you need a friend to talk to please feel free to e-mail me

Fri, 20 Nov

Don't back down. Keep this web page up. It is great

Fri, 20 Nov

Just to let you know I think your site was completely legal and not at all confusing. It was clearly not "offficial" and the municipality was over-reaching, silly and showed the all-too-present penchant of "leaders" of government everywhere to spend taxpayers' money to press the position of those in authority regardless of the law, or the expense to its adversaries. Contrasted to the position of the governing body, your determination to accede to their wishes shows a genuine desire to accomodate, even at the cost of your rights, a lost virtue in the mean times we live in. I wish you well.

Wed, 18 Nov

How a town can go after someone who speaks only praise and has a better site than the town site is beyond me.

Wed, 18 Nov

Subject: Star Ledger Article

Dear Ms. Elziere,

I just finished reading the article in the Star Ledger today and felt compelled to write to you. As a fellow web enthusiast, (and hometown enthusiast, though I don't live in Flemington) I believe strongly about your right to Free Speech.

In this day and age where anyone can say whatever they want about anybody within certain boundaries (without being held lible) then I think that a web site, where the content is mainly about the good points of a town where someone lives, is entirely within the limits of the law. I thought the fact that Flemington was taking legal action against you was utterly ridiculous.

The fact that they mention pornography or x-rated sites in conjunction with your web site also baffles me. After my short sojourn through your website, I found no references to such things. All I found was a website created by a person wholly in love with where she lives. If I lived in Flemington or wanted to move there.....I'd use your site as a tool. While maybe it's biased (you seem to love Flemington so much) it gives an insider's view to the area.

AND you have in prominent view ---- text telling people to visit the boro's site!!!!! Along with the ADDRESS!!!!

What is their problem!!!!!!!

and many, many more. But I guess you get the point...